Our Peformance Title Holders
VCDII Foxwell's Red Rocket Randall, CDX, MX, MXJ, SE, TD,
U-CD, CGC, TDI, OAC, NJC, NCG & owner/trainer Dena Lebo-Funk
with his VCDII Award from AKC.  He was the first
Smooth Fox Terrier to receive this award
Foxwell's Backtalk & myself receiving her
AKC Junior Earthdog Title
(Janie ran the 30' tunnel in 11 seconds!)
Foxwell's Rebuttle,
CL1-R, CL1-F, CL2-H,
USDA National Qualifier
'02 & '03 Agility
(full sister to Backtalk pictured above)
Owned, Trained & Loved
by Bonnie Bartlett
Foxwell Amberwood Fantasy,
and 1 leg on her CD
Owned, Trained & Loved
by Bonnie Bartlett
Randall...and Dena in CDX photo
Foxwell's Fascination, ROM, CGC, NA, NAJ, SE, CD with her owner/Trainer Dena Lebo-Funk
getting Josie's CD
More photos to follow ...
Foxwell's Smooth Talker, JE and one leg on his SR Earthdog
Chase was a littermate to Rebuttle (Sassy) &
Backtalk (Janie) pictured above.

UKC Ch. Sheffield Simon Sez, JE
Simon picked up his JE handily 6/1/08 at the Beanfield in NJ

Simon is the 4th Titled Earthdog to be sired by my Simon,
Ch Buckleigh The Sentinel
(Foxwell's Rebutle, Foxwell's Backtalk & Foxwell's Smooth Talker
(all littermates) are also sired by The Sentinel).
Where Dreams Come True
Our Peformance Title Holders

Copyright 2000 Linda Sallee-Hill