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We do not breed litters often.  If you are serious about wanting a dog from our lines,
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will be or are required to be desexed.

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We have one 3 year old boy available for sale
He is a wonderful fellow, but just does not like showing,
we feel it would be best for him to have his own family.



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NOTE:  We are planning a litter for 2018.  If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, please contact us. The sire of these pups will be our Multi ChampionFoxwell Rama Power Strike "Patton".
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"BOND"   Foxwell Rama Spy Master

Bond would do very well at Earthdog and Barnhunt.  He has a great prey drive, and even barks at
critters UNDER the ground!  Even though he has prey drive, he's as sweet as can be, he loves as
many stufted animals as he can get!  He is current on shots, is microchipped and ready to move onto
the right family's couch.  He sired one litter, and has one FCI Champion in PR. He will be neutered prior to leaving for a new home.

Call 860-716-7982 or email at foxwell@cshore for more information.
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