Ten Commandments for Breeding
Smooth Fox Terriers
Ten Commandments for Breeding
Smooth Fox Terriers
1.   Breed towards the ideal Smooth Fox Terrier as stated in the Standard.  Do not be
  swayed by voices of others, or be blinded by show wins and advertisements.  If
  you have done your homework, in time others will appreciate what you have

2.  Do not breed Smooth Fox Terriers with medical health issues.  Do not fool yourself
if health issues occur - clean house and keep good records and sound dogs.

3.  Recognize that you are breeding Smooth Fox Terriers and stay within your
interpretation of the breed standard.  Breed equally for type, peformance, quality,
temperment and brains.

4.   Never forget, no type, no Smooth Fox Terrier.

5.   Always strive toward the Standard, remember a Smooth Fox Terrier can not work
with it's head alone, however, if forced to make a choice - function should rule.

6.  Follow the lead your line sets for you - the next generation should be simular in
pheonotype to the generation before with the improvements you have worked
towards if your mate choices were correct. Each generation should be consistent
     in overall quality.

7.   Breed forward, be aware in-breeding may come back to haunt you if using unhealthy
      lines/dogs.  Surprises may await you, both to the good or to the bad, recognize when
      they occurr.

8.  It is not difficult to improve the offspring of a poor quality dog in one generation.  It is
not even difficult to improve the offspring of an average dog in one generation.  What
is difficult is to improve the offspring of an exceptional dog generation after generation.
That takes real skill, knowledge, gut instinct and vision.

9.  Do not be afraid to appreciate the qualities of other dogs.  Breeding is a competition
with yourself, not others.

10.  Consider your dogs attributes before you consider his/her negatives.  All Smooth Fox
Terriers have both.  It is for you to determine how positive his/her good qualities are
before you dwell on the negatives.  Do not breed dogs together who have the same
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