Foxwell's News 1991
In the spring of 1991 I moved from Oregon to Connectciut where
Ed Hill and I were married in August.  His Aunt was Mrs Emilie Farrell,
of Foxden Kennels - hence where the Foxden prefix came from on a few of my litters in this and the following year.  The wedding was in the country at the 1760's Salt Box where we lived - that he told me he was buying (not!). Many Fox Terrier Breeders were in attendance.  Rudy Day (Dayterra) was the Best Man!
Although the marriage was a mistake...and short lived,
it was one of those life lessons. At least the situation brought me
to Connecticut  and New England which I love.
My dogs & I continued our success in the
breeding and show world of Smooth Fox Terriers.
Where Dreams Come True

Copyright 2000 Linda Sallee-Hill