Over the years of breeding, I have run across many different issues - some that just show up, some just faults, but others that are devastating health issues.  It is my opinion that health issues within our breed should be shared so the same mistakes may not happen again, or at least back ones bets to avoid some problems, so here are my records and notes.  Successes are also noted.

Below find a list of many of my litters, starting with Litter #1, and some co-bred litters, or litters bred with my dogs listing things I noted about each litter.

If anyone would like to share health issues, I would be interested to discuss.
Please email me at:
Litter #1:Ch. Crag Crest Shogun, ROM x  Ch. Seafarer Sudden Impact, ROM
Whelped 03/31/1987

4 puppies (1F/3M)  All Black/Tan & White

1 - 18" male, placed as  pet
1 - 14" bitch, bad bite, placed as pet
2 - males shown, one Championed, Ch Foxwell's Jazz Man (Receipent of AFTC Bowmanor
Award).  Jazz Man was used at stud a few times, but did not produced anything notable.

Litter #2:Ch. Foxwell's Jazz Man  x  Foxhop Calico Lu (linebred Foxden)
Whelped 04/22/1988

5 puppies (3M/2F) 1-Black,Tan & White, rest Tan & White

2 - Females with umbilical hernias
1 - Female with left rear leg shorter than other-w-atrohied muscle
diagnosed by Vet as "Ataxia".  Which may not have been correct..
All sold/placed as pets
Note:  Lu's sire is by Ch. Woolsack Calico Jack, who by Ch. Foxden Stargazer, who by Ch Karnilo
Cheiftain of Foxden, Stargazer's by Ch. Ellastone Fireflash, who by Ch. Molten Miss Stella of Foxden.
Jack's mom is Ch. Foxden Mirabelle, by Ch. Foxden Warpaint, out of Foxden Mira who's by Ch.
Jonwyres Galaxy of Foxden & out of Ch. Blackbrook Aloha of Foxden.

Lu's dam is Ch. Woolsack Eyeopener, who by Ch. Foxden Stargazer (see above) and out of Foxden
Flycatcher, who by Ch Karnilo Chieftain of Foxden, and out of Ch Ebony Eyecatcher of Foxden.

Litter #3:Ch. Foxden Warspite, SD x Ch. Seafarer Sudden Impact, ROM
Whelped 05/02/1988

6 puppies (3M/3F)  All Tan & White

1 - 18" dog
1 - 14" bitch with prick ears
1 - bitch with umbilical hernia
2 - sold as pets
4 - Championed, two bitches in top 10, two went on to be top producers

Litter #4:Ch. Foxwell's Champagne Charlie  x  Ch. Foxden Touch-Up (a Ch Foxden Warpaint daughter)  Whelped 06/15/1989

4 puppies (1M/2B/1 mummyfied) 3 Tan & White, 1 unidentifyable.

1 - female died at age 7 from lung cancer - owers were smokers.
1 - female top producer, went to Canada after producing litter for Mr. Hill
1 - male, Specialty Winner, top Smooth in Canada in 1991, trained to hand signals in obedience
but never shown in obedience. Bred 1 litter for owner.
Sire of this litter was puppy from litter #3

Litter #5:Ch. Gaymerry Tellises  x  Ch. Foxwell's Code Red
Whelped 03/22/90

7 puppies (5M/2F)  nothing notible here.
Dam out of litter #3
Tellises was mosty of Crag Crest breeding, went back to a Teaser (Sudden Impact) full brother.

Litter #6:Ch. Foxwell's Champagne Charlie  x  Ch. Foxfaire Flying Colours, ROM
Whelped 03/15/1990

4 puppies (2M/2F) 2-Tan & white, 2 Black/Tan/White

3 - sold as pets
1 male VERY low houndy ears
1 female Championed in Canada-not in States, died from kidney failure at age 8
produced 1 litter in States, 2 in Canada for Emily Gratton (Trolhatten)
Sire of this litter from litter #3, dam is 1/2 sister to my foundation bitch

Litter #7:Ch. Laurelton Now or Never, SD x Ch. Seafarer Sudden Impact, ROM
Whelped 03/27/1990

6 puppies(3M/3F)All Black/Tan/White

1 - 18" dog - sold as pet
2 -  Males Championed in States, one exported to Thailand.  The one exported produced 2 Chs.
before leaving the States, the one in the States producing 4 Specialty winners.
1 -  female, very tiny headpiece, sold as pet
1 - female, bad bite, sold as pet
1 female sold as show pup, pointed then retired to couch.
Ch Foxwell Chances Are, ROM and top winner from this litter died at age 11 of a lung tumor.
A sister also died of lung cancer at about 12 years of age.
NOTE:  When daughter by one Ch. male was bred to his 1/2 brother (same father), 13" dogs
were produced.  It is a very popular line, and sire is top producer in the States.

Litter bred by Ed Hill - who leased my bitch
Ch Foxden Nauset Light x Foxwell's Escapade
Whelped 10/22/1990

4 puppies produced, (3M/1B)  1 Black/White 3 Tan/White
The 1 Black/White male was kept but not shown-he had double capped teeth.
He produced quite a few litters, and was sire of 4 Champions.
1 Tan/White male went to Canada, Seafox Kennel and finished in Canada
the other two pups went to pet homes.

Litter #8:Ch. Crag Crest Shogun, ROM x Ch. Foxwell's Lady In Red, ROM
Whelped 12/23/1990

5 puppies (1M/4F) All Tan/White with very little tan on bodies.

No champions produced, only 2 females shown, 1 female became top producer.
1 - female holds CGC, REg. Therapy Dog, 1 leg on CD was doing well in Agility and
is the top producer.
1 - female holds JE and SR in Earthdog, and many Agility titles. Owned by Angila Tillman
for short time, but did not produce anything. Was returned to me ill and very thin.
Dam of this litter from Litter #3

Litter #9:Ch. Foxden Nauset Light, ROM x Ch. Foxwell's Code Red
Whelped 05/12/1991

5 pups in this litter, all female, all Tan/White

1 - bitch Championed
1 - with Jack Russell style head
A bitch from this litter was dam to Ch Foxwell Well To Do, ROM.
Dam of this litter was from Litter #3

Litter #10:Ch. Crag Crest Shogun, ROM x Ch. Phoxmith Walk The Plank
Whelped 03/22/1991

6 puppies(4M/3F) All Black/Tan/White
1 - female Championed & produced Specialty Winner
1 - male shown briefly, then placed as pet
balance sold as pets....not an exceptional litter

Litter #11:Ch. Foxden Carnelian x Ch. Foxfaire Flying Colours, ROM
Whelped 09/06/1991

4 puppies(1M/3F)All Tan/White

1 - Male Championed & Specialty Winner, produced Champion offspring, 1 obtained 1st
Smooth Fox Terrier Master Earthdog.
1 - bitch shown, not finished, no notible get to my knowledge
1 - 14 1/2" bitch is wonderful off lead
1 - sold on breeding terms - bred to 1/2 brother (Ch Foxden Nause Light, ROM) produced
LEGGS PERTHES singleton puppy - see litter #17 below

Max (Carnelian) was by Ch. Foxden Sword Dancer, who by Ch Legacy Piccaso (a Ch Laurelton
Now or Never full brother), out of Foxden Jade, ROM.

Litter bred by Ed Hill
Ch. Foxwell's Champagne Charlie x Foxden Jade, ROM
Whelped 09/17/1991

7 puppies were born in this litter. Litter whelped by Ed Hill, 3 pups died.
Remaining were 3M/1B 1 Tan/White, 3 Black/White
One Black/White male had horrible bite that Ed had a dog dentist fix, the dog was
sold to a show home, but before it left, it picked up a Best in Sweeps at a FTCNE Specialty.
One of the bitches was shown, but never finished.  The balance were sold as pets.

Litter #12:Ch. Foxwell's Sporting Chance  x  Foxden Snowfall
Whelped 02/01/1992

1 F puppy resulted - Tan/White

Puppy died at 11 days old - had hard umbilical hernia that ruptured.

Foxden Snowfall CG, who by Ch. Foxden Eye Witness CG, wo by Ch. Higrola Horratio of Britlea, Eye Witness is out of Ch. Ebony Eyecatcher of Foxden.  Snowfall is out of Foxden Snowflake,
CG, who is by Ch. Foxden Warpaint CG, and out of Ir. Ch. Gabryl Grace of Foxden (beautiful WHITE bitch) who is by Eng. Ch. Burmar Ted, out of Eng. Ch Gaybryl Gretta-very OLD English lines.

Litter #13:Ch. Foxden Nauset Light, ROM  x  Ch. Foxwell's Lady In Red, ROM
Whelped 04/26/1992

6 puppies(3M/3F)3 Black/White, 3 Tan/White

5 puppies Championed, many now top producers
1 female not championed had very slight rear, is 14 1/2" and wonderful off lead.  She produced
one litter by a Sheffield dog who was a granddog of Ch Foxden Archer, but nothing notable resulted.
Dam of this litter is from Litter #3

Litter #14:Foxden Intrigue x Ch. Foxfaire Flying Colours, ROM
Whelped 04/29/1992

5 puppies(4M/1F)3 Black/White  2 Tan/White

3 puppies Championed, one never registered
1 male Specialty Winner here, sired very nice pups
1 Female not top producer, produced Group 1 bitch who was sired by male from Litter #7
Sire of this litter out of bitch from litter #3

Litter #15:Ch. Foxden Nauset Light x Foxden Snowfall
Whelped 09/18/1992

1 Female puppy - Black/White split face
13", prick ears, poor movement
given away to friends as pet, but died at 1 year old from anistesia after spay surgery.

Litter co-bred with Ed Hill
Ch Foxden Archer x Foxden Firelight
Whelped 11/14/1992

6 puppies produced, 1 still born female   live were 2F/3M
Some were shown, but quality was poor
All ended up in pet homes eventually.
one Bitch was cute, but bad bite, the rest were big and homley.

Litter #16:Foxden Never Say Die x Ch. Foxfaire Flying Colours, ROM
Whelped 11/27/1992

2 Females, 1 Black/White, 1 Tan/White
Beautiful puppies, but both very poor movers
sold both as pets

Sonny is a ch. Foxden Warpaint son out of Foxden Hornet, ROM, who is by Ch. Ebony Eyecatcher of Foxden who's by Ch. Karnilo Canicula who's by Ch. Cheiftain of Foxden and out of Karnilo Cassarate, Eyecatcher is out of Ebony Echo who is by Ebony Enterprise who's by Eng. Ch. Ellastone Firecrest and out of Trinket Box, Echo is out of Precious Trinket by Eng. Ch. Watteau Madrigal and out of Super Select-again very old English lines you dont find any more.

Litter #17:Ch. Foxden Nauset Light, ROM x Foxden Top Flight Widget
Whelped 05/28/1993     This bitch was sold to a pet home, but Ed Hill required
                                    this breeding be done and he would take pick puppy.

1 female puppy, Tan/White
when doubled up on grandam (Foxden Jade, ROM)
Sire of this litter was sire of litter #13
'Widget' is Ch Foxden Archer's litter sister.  Leggs Perthies was confirmed.  Mike (Nauset Light) is out of Jade, and Widget is by Max who is out of Jade.  This is the only close line, except Mike's father being Ch. Foxhunt Exploration who contributed to other leg problems....Widget's mom is Liza (Ch Foxfaire Flying Colours, ROM) who is also the dam of Ch Foxden's Quest of Daystar (owned by Lorrie Worden of LorQuest Kennel in upstate NY).  My line thru Flying Colours was the outside line.

Litter #18:Foxden Never Say Die x Foxden Snowfall
Whelped 06/03/1993     co-bred with Ed Hill who whelped litter

5 puppies, but 2 males died (2M/1F) 2 Black/White, 3 Tan/White

1 puppy born with CLEFT PALLETT - died at 3 days old
1 puppy died from lung problem
1 split faced T/W bitch shown then went to Lorquest who put her down
Note:  Sire & Dam older 8 & 10 years old - seems to be magic ages for problems.
nothing noteworthy about balance of get

Litter #19:Ch. Foxden Nauset Light, ROM x Davmar Spit Spot
Whelped 06/06/1993    Co-bred with Ed Hill & Lisa Sachs

5 puppies, but 1 male died (1M/3B) all Tan/White

all sold as pets except 1 male Ed liked that was horrible mover.
Sire of this litter same as for Litters #15 & #13
Dam of this litter daughter from previous repeat breeding of litter #18

Litter #20:Ch. Foxden Rendezvous  x  Foxwell Amberwood Fantasy, ROM
Whelped 02/11/1994

5 puppies (4F/1M) All Tan/White

1 F puppy died at 14 days-inutero contact of parvo (confirmed by autopsy)
Gay tails in this litter on all puppies
1 bitch with one prick ear- bred to Ch Foxwell Chances Are, ROM and produced
  2 boys who won their classes at Montgomery County & sire won Stud Dog with them behind him.
No puppies shown from this litter
This litter by male from Litter #14, out of female from liter #8

Litter #21:Ch. Foxhunt Exploration, ROM x Ch. Foxwell's Lady In Red, ROM
Whelped 05/11/1994

6 puppies(3M/3F)1 Black/Shite, balance Tan/White

Very SHY puppies
1 male with slipped stifle
1 female diagnosed DISPLASTIC rear right leg when 4 years old. She was never bred, and
died of kidney failure at 7 years of age.  This bitch was Championed as was a Specialty and
Group winner.
2 females with prick ears
1 male has ALL Agility Titles, including AKC's VCD2 (first Smooth Fox to obtain this award),
is CGC, Top Obedience titled, Therapy dog, and obtained his Master Earthdog 10 times.
Dam is from Litter #3, who is dam of Litters #8, #13, #23 & #27.
Another male, that was not finished, was Specialty Winner & group placer.
Note:  The sire of this litter is sire of male that sired litters #19, #17, #13, #9, so there
is a problem line breeding this line.

Lewis (Exploration) is by Ch. McIntosh Tug Of War, SD, and out of Ch Buckleigh Bailey of Quissex, ROM
who is a littermate of Ch Buckleigh Captain Fantastic, SD.  Captain is by a Brat son, Ch Foxmoor Macho
Macho man, and out of a Ch Foxden Warspite daughter, Ch Sugarhill's Rainy Sunday, ROM.

Litter #22:Ch. Foxwell's Champagne Charlie x Quissex Sally Forth of Smox
Whelped 09/21/1994

3 Female puppies

2 had bad bites
1 had head shaking syndrome (which got better with time)
all placed as pets
Sire is from Litter #3, Dam is outside line that has also produced other bad bites.

Dam of this litter owned by Winnie Stout of Quissex.

Litter #23:Ch. Foxwell's Champagne Charlie x Ch. Foxwell's Lady In Red, ROM
Whelped 11/28/1994(Accidental breeding.....(girrr) full brother x sister)

5 puppies (2M/3F) 4 Tan/White, 1 Black/White

1 male with bad hips - Derek
1 bitch with rye bite - Laurel
1 bitch exported to Japan - Tina
1 bitch Championed & produced Champion in first and only litter - Jessie

Litter #24:Ch. Buckleigh Captain Fantastic, SD x Foxwell Amberwood Fantasy, ROM
Whelped 10/23/1995

6 puppies (4M/2F)  3 Black/White, 3 Tan/White

1 male has 'fiddle front', sold as pet
3 Males Championed, one Specialty Winner who finished in 3 days with back-to-back-to-back
Majors, who went on to win the Homer Gage Jr Trophy from AFTC in 2000,this male has produced
2 Champions & specialty winners to date, 2 more in the ring at this time.
1 black/white female developed terrible alergies resulting in hotspots all over her body at 6 months
of age - was put down by co-owner.
1 female has poor rear, coarser head, is ratter on dairy farm.
Dam of this litter is from litter #8.

Litter #25:Ch. Foxwell Chances Are, ROM x Ch. Foxfaire Flying Colours, ROM
Whelped 07/21/1995

4 females, 1 Black/White

All died at 2 days old from toxic milk syndrome
sired by dog from litter #7

Litter #26:Ch. Foxwell Chances Are, ROM x Foxwell's Gracie Allen
Whelped 06/30/1996

4  puppies (1F/3M)  All Black/White

female had bad bite, sold as pet
1 male 18", sold as pet,   When neutered had "leaking syndrome"
1 male sold as show prospect was raised on improper diet, became slack in pasterns & back, never
developed properly.
1 male contrated case of distemper after annual vaccination, almost died.  Recovered and was shown.
Very laid back temperment.
Sire of this litter from Litter #7  Dam of this litter from Litter #20. Dam was spayed after this litter, and
also had 'leaking syndrome'.

Litter #27:Ch. Buckleigh Captain Fantastic, SD x Ch. Foxwell's Lady In Red, ROM
Whelped 07/08/1996

7 puppies (1M/4F) 1 B/w, balance Tan/White

Puppies born prematurely - had to nurse all, mom had very little milk
2 were born developed but dead,  one with hair missing
3 puppies with very bad bites
1 bitch has developed fly-away-ears
1 puppy with very poor rear - placed as pet
Note:  Did this litter as prior litter to the sire of this litter produced lovely dogs with 3 Champions.
dam of prior litter daughter of this litters dam.  This litter was a disaster.
Sire same as litter #24, dam from litter #3
This was dam's last litter.  Also note:  Sire & Dam were older, 8 & 10 respectively, see notes
on litter #18.
Bitch from this litter died at 7, Vet could not come up with diagnosis.  She just faded into bones and
faded away,  She was owned by Sally Healy of Salcrest Kennel in Washington.

Litter #28:Ch. Joyfield's Marco and the Khan x Ch. Foxden Amber Light
Whelped 02/18/1998

5 puppies, 2 still born (1 was 2.2 ozs B/W male) C-SECTION LITTER(2M/1F) All Tan/White

1 male shown and Championed
female cowhocked - sold as pet
1 male large & very colorful but excellent mover, and put together correctly
sire is outside line back to Champion bitch from litter #23 (the full brother/sister litter)
Dam of Ch. bitch from litter #9

Litter #29:Ch. Foxden Rendezvous x Foxwell's Painted Rose
Whelped 09/16/98 -  Co-Bred with Sally Healy (co-owner) Sally whelped the litter

6 puppies (2F/4M) all Tan/White

I co-bred this litter, and it was whelped by co-owner in Washington
1 Bitch puppy has same problem as pup from litter #2,
right rear leg shorter and rear thigh muscle atrophied on show side. 
I was not advised of any Vet diagonises.  very uniform puppies in shape and size
Sire is Ch. from litter #14, out of best bitch from litter #27.

Rendezvous is full brother to Ch Foxden's Quest of Daystar, ROM. foundation bitch of Lorquest.
Bernadette (Painted Rose) full sister to Foxwell Lorquest Painted Lady (Roxy) who was
co-owned with Lorquest, and eventually placed as a pet.

The above is from 16 years of breeding, which brings us to 1999.   My summary so far
is this is how I kept track of problems/successes, but it takes time to do so, as most people
will just not tell you about problems, and many problems do not develop until the dogs are older.
  You can see there is one dog that has played a major
part in leg problems.  I had alerted the breeder, and she has very little, if any concern.
She has line bred on her lines and has crippled dogs - one of which has a most unusual front
and it still has been placed as a Specialty winner.

More to follow....

Since 1998 I have bred 7 litters, they were all co-bred and whelped
at their co-owners, with the exception of 1 litter.
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As you can see from this photo, the jaws are not correctly aligned, nor are the teeth.

This dog wore braces for about 3 months, then this photo was taken

Photo dated 6/02/1992

Below is a photo of this dog
Photo of puppy with bad rear leg, right photo shows offside leg as normal, but showside in left photo shows the hip muscle as starting to atrophy - leg is shorter than other rear leg.
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